The UK operates a self assessment system, which means that, with little help or guidance from HMRC, you are required to complete your own return and calculate your own tax position correctly in order to avoid being heavily penalised.

The main elements of British Taxpayers US tax services are noted below...

Tax is not something people like to pay and although British Taxpayers do not promote or recommend any schemes which avoid taxes, we firmly believe that people should be able to save taxes in an ethical way, in line with UK tax legislation.

Over the past years there has been a significant increase in the number of enquiries being conducted by HMRC. Although many businesses and individuals believe they are not at risk, unfortunately this is not the case.

With constant changes in legislation, and new anti-avoidance legislation being introduced at almost every budget, it may appear that nothing can be done to reduces taxes. That's not correct, there are still numerous reliefs available, that the right planning can take advantage of.

Dubai has long been a tax haven for those wanting to work overseas. Tax advice and planning can mean that your tax free income stays tax free when you return to the UK.

If you are self employed, trading in a partnership or acting on behalf of a company then you will require accounts preparation, you may also require assistance with VAT and payroll.

The UK taxes UK residents on worldwide income. For foreign nationals living or working in the UK, this can cause a problem with reporting and double taxation as income or gains which arise back home or in other, non UK countries, may also be taxed in those countries.

For some, living outside of the UK and being not UK resident, can be an attractive proposition as, with the right planning, it can mean lower taxes on your income and earnings. For others, moving overseas is a lifestyle choice and is not tax motivated.

Since a change in the legislation was introduced in 2006, there has been a demise in the use of UK trusts, largely down to the high rates of income and capital taxes.