Our Company

British Taxpayers was established in 1919 and since then has continued to give the very best tax advice. Our team has trained to the highest level in UK taxation and continues to develop and grow with the inevitable challenges of dealing with the ever changing UK tax legislation.

We offer tax advisory and compliance services across all areas of UK taxation. Unlike traditional accountancy firms we specialise in tax affairs of high net worth individuals, UK expatriates living overseas and the UK taxation of non UK domiciled individuals.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise so we are well placed to resolve your tax issues however complex they may be. We frequently provide assistance to a wide variety of occupations such as: airline pilots and members of the Armed Forces; non-residents and non-UK domiciled individuals; company executives and investment bankers; entrepreneurs and consultants; Stock Market and buy-to-let investors; TV and Radio presenters and producers; UN and other diplomatic or tax-favoured staff; and retirees who are living off pensions and investments.

If you want to know a little bit more about our history.....

1919 saw the founding of the British Taxpayers Association - not in the UK but in the Black Sea, by the Quatermaster on board HMS Queen Elizabeth which was the flagship of the Grand Fleet during the Crimean campaign. British Tax Payers' first base on dry land was appropriately in London's Trafalgar Square, and during the inter-war years it pioneered the use of deeds of covenant as a means of saving tax. It quickly grew to become one of the UK's foremost independent tax consultancies.

British Taxpayers has also had a long connection with Sussex, having relocated to Brighton during the Second World War - and just days before the building in Trafalgar Square was destroyed by enemy action. The Sussex connection is preserved today in Horsham, the centre of British Taxpayers' services, but arrangements for client meetings in London have been retained.